Jump City: Seattle - Professional Parkour and Freerunning Competition

What: Professional Parkour and Freerunning Competition on G4TV

Where: Seattle, WA

The Tribe headed out to rainy Seattle, Washington to take on three other ProParkour teams in the first ever parkour and freerunning team competition. Tribe Founder, Mark Toorock, was the creator, executive and supervising producer of the show. He designed the course and obstacles used for races and performances. The Tribe Team members Frosti, Travis, Skipper, and Jereme participated in the show. The Tribe being the first parkour and freerunning team in the U.S. went out keeping to their old school roots and showing the rest of the world that they can bring the heat! The Tribe is known for their speed, bringing an extremely fast paced groove to their creative style.

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